Q. How do I store my treats after I receive them?

A. Your Jodes Happy Tail treats are made fresh daily. The treats are made with high quality, human grade, organic ingredients. We never use preservatives, artificial coloring, additives or fillers; therefore, are meant to be eaten within a short period of time. They are best stored in an airtight container. Time of storage may be extended for up to 1 month by placing the airtight container in the refrigerator or frozen for up to 6 months.

Q. Do you give to Charitable Organizations?

A. Absolutely! We proudly work with and donate a portion of all proceeds to:

Two Rivers Animal Hospital– The Jode Fund

MCSPCAMonmouth County SPCA

Wag on Inn Rescue

Purr and Pooch Foundation for Animals

The Morris Foundation for Canine Cancer Research

Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Monmouth County Humane Society

Project Animal

Rawhide Rescue

Monmouth County Underdogs

NJ Greyhound Rescue

We make every effort to accommodate requests for donations from the animal community. We generally donate a gift basket or a gift certificate to the charities and rescues as part of their fund raising endeavors.

Q. If my Dog has a special dietary need will you be able to make treats for him/her?

A. Yes! Jodes Happy Tail  makes wheat free-gluten free treats in a variety of flavors. We happily customize your requests for both Treats, Biscuits and Specialty Cakes.


Q. What is the Jode Fund and how do I contribute?

A. The Jode Fund was established exclusively for The Two Rivers Animal Hospital in Fair Haven, New Jersey.  We proudly donate two dollars from every box of treats sold from Two Rivers Animal Hospital to a special account which was established to help offset the medical expenses of any pet in need at that hospital in Jodes memory. To date, The Jode Fund has been instrumental in assisting with the surgical care of pets in need.

You may contribute by purchasing Jodes Happy Tail treats from Two Rivers Animal Hospital or by contacting the hospital directly at (732) 747-4011.


Q. What is The Taste Testing Team? Can my dog become a member?

A. Our taste testing team is a distinguished group of rather picky dogs. (With the exception of Henry, he is a lab after all!) We chose a variety of breeds, both large and small and of all ages and dental status.  We currently have 15 dogs on our team. Each team members owners are responsible for providing feedback on smell, texture, crunchiness and how their dog enjoyed the treats. We will not place new treat flavors on the shelves unless the vote is unanimous. We welcome your email request to have your best friend become a canine taste tester team member.