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Jodes Story


Jodes Happy Tail was established in the Autumn of 2010 in memory of our beloved yellow lab, Jode. We adopted Jode in 2003 when he was three and a half  years old, and a whopping 130 pounds! Jode instantly became the king of our home and of our hearts.

In order to improve his overall health, we immediately took on the task of a rigorous weight reduction and exercise program, primarily focusing on his diet. As you know, Labs are notorious non-stop eating machines, which made his weight loss program so challenging.  We started to prepare his food and began to add fresh vegetables, fruits and grains to his diet. We simply could not take all of his treats away. After researching the ingredients of commercial biscuits, we decided to bake Jode his own healthy treats. This is where the wagging tail began. He loved them!

A few months later we watched his weight slowly drop, and at the next vet visit, the Doctor really noticed the change. So we kept baking, Jode kept losing weight, 28 pounds total, and his tail kept wagging.

Jodes tail wagged happily, even while dreaming, until the summer of 2010 when sadly, we lost our big guy to an aggressive cancer. His journey to Heaven was peaceful and his belly was full of his favorite treats. He was a gentle giant that taught us some of life’s greatest lessons about gratitude, kindness and the true meaning of unconditional love.

After a long and quiet winter, we adopted Henry Halston from The Guiding Eyes For The Blind at 8 weeks old. He is a bundle of happy puppy energy and although his career will not be that of a guide dog, he has accepted the role of Lead Taste Tester with pride and enthusiasm!

It is pure joy to bake and create healthy treats for our canine friends to enjoy. In return, we celebrate Jode’s memory every day by donating back a portion of all proceeds to animal rescues, shelters, canine cancer research and to The Jode Fund.*

We know your dog will love them and will benefit from their delicious wholesome goodness.

We are available at many locations at the Jersey Shore. Learn more about our all natural ingredients or how we can bake a pupcake for your next canine special occasion such as a dog birthday party, dog mitzvah, puppy graduation, anniversary or wedding. Dogs rave about our natural dog treats.

Give Your Dog A Happy Tail Too!

*See FAQ section to learn more about The Jode Fund