The Freshest Veterinarian Approved, Organic Dog Treats For the Pets We Love!

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At Jodes Happy Tail, we offer healthy homemade dog treats prepared with the freshest organic and all natural ingredients.  Every dog treat is made with loving human hands and is elegantly and uniquely packaged so that each box becomes a special occasion for the pets you love.

We combine locally sourced ingredients with vegetables and herbs from our own spring and summer organic gardens.  We never use artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, ever!  That is our promise and commitment to you and the dogs we love.  At Jodes Happy Tail, our ingredients are carefully researched and selected with the assistance and approval of veterinarians.

Promote Your Dogs Health

Feeding your dog store bought snacks is the equivalent of snack foods laden with additives, artificial ingredients and unnecessary fillers.  Your pet relies on you to do what’s right for them.  A healthy diet, including organic, all natural dog treats, promote your dog’s health.  There is no better way to return the unconditional love that your pet gives to you.

4 Paws Up!

What’s cooking at Jodes Happy Tail?  In addition to our popular Peanut Butter Oatmeal Carob Chip Cookies, Turkey Sweet Potato Biscuits, and our unique Frozen Yogurt Treats, we have developed a new treat, After Dinner Mints. These are tasty breath fresheners made with parsley and mint grown from our own organic gardens with a touch of organic Vermont honey. The biscuits are a low fat crunchy treat that have gotten rave reviews from our distinguished, and often picky, canine taste testing team. The After Dinner Mints were given a unanimous 4 paws up! All new treat flavors must be approved and given the unanimous 4 paws up by every taste tester team member before it will be placed on the shelves for sale.

We are currently busy working on our Autumn line of treats which will include Pumpkin Spice, Butternut Squash, and a new savory treat, Beef Stew. Your dog will experience the holidays like never before!

A portion of all sales is donated to animal shelters and rescues in memory of our beloved Jode, to help offset medical expenses and to canine cancer research.

These are truly treats that make a difference in the lives of the animals we love!

We are available at many locations at the Jersey Shore. Learn more about our all natural ingredients or how we can bake a pupcake for your next canine special occasion such as a dog birthday party, dog mitzvah, puppy graduation, anniversary or wedding. Dogs rave about our natural dog treats.

Interested in Jodes Happy Tail? Give us a call at 732-915-8010 or email us.

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